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Fhoom is a sheet manufacturing company that uses modern day technology to produce high quality and comfortable sheets for all purposes.Fhoom' good reputation has remained on top because of designing very durable sheets that can be used in all weathers.The sheets come in

many colors and have dfferent patterns.The qualities of sheets vary depending on the raw materials used to make it Heavy,strong fabrics are capable of making stronger and long lasting sheets.

Strengthening of the material by adding additives will determine the strength of the final sheet product.Fhoom combines these two,which is using strong materials and treating them well to

come up with durable sheets.


Fhoom has been in existence for some years.Throughout this period,Fhoom has invested heavily in research in finding out the best methods and the stronger raw materials that can be used

 to manufacture sheets.The firm has also nurtured and trained its employees,and thus they can

create different types of sheets that can give full value to the customers' money.This has made the

 organization to attract many customers,and in the recent years,the company has experienced tremendous growth in its client base.


There different types of sheets produced by Fhoom.The sheets vary in color,size,feel and even

weight.The prices of the sheets do change depending on some of these features. Fhoom' classifies its sheets depending on the material or fabric used to manufacture them.Some of the most popular

 sheets include:

Cotton sheets

This is one of the most popular fabrics that Fhoom uses to prduce sheets for bed covers,seat covers and curtains.Cotton sheets produced by Fhoom are preferred because they are soft,

they are relatively affordable compared to other sheets,they are durable,and they allow free flow

 of air.


Silk is a very soft fabric that is produced by silkworms. Sheets made of silk are very luxurious and cool.When sik is used to make bed Covers and other bedroom sheets,it gives the bedroom have a

romantic feeling.Fhoom plays with colors to manufacture sheets that can bring ambiance.


Fhoom uses this manmade fabric to create sheets that are inexpensive. Polyester is very stiff ,and it is often mixed with other fabrics to create sheets.The reason why Fhoom mixes it with other

fabrics to reduces stiffness and reduces it from being scratchy.

Production process at Fhoom

The quality of sheets depends on the technology used to manufacture them.Fhoom uses some technologies to ensure that has products high-grade sheets.The technology usually varies depending on the type of fabric being work on.Some fabrics will be destroyed when some machines work on them,and that is why Fhoom has heavily invested in dfferent technologies.Quality control and management are of the essence during manufacturing.

During manufacturing,the fabrics are well treated to ensure they will be able to serve the customers for a long period and this is what has made many clients trust fhoom sheets.

In general,the production of sheets by Fhoom involves some phases,and these phases include:


This involves acquiring raw materials to be used in the production of sheets.Fhoom usually buys in bulk from idetified supliers.This is to ensure that they do not compromise on quality.The materials go through a thorough inspection process to ensure they are good to be used.


The materials go through a cleaning process.This is to rermove any impurties that may interfere with the production process.Cleaning goes hand in hand with testing.Fhoom has invested in machines

that do the process.


After cleaning,the raw material which is now in the form of fiber goes through a carding machine which aligns in the same direction. This process also involves removing impurities. In Fhoom,

carding is usually seen as the first phase of production of sheets.


After carding process,the materials are taken to the spinner that wounds it to form sheets.The sheets are closely monitored to check for any defects that may be as a result of a machine faing,and once

an error is detected,the machine is stopped and rectified before the process continues.

After the sheets have been manufactured,they are then taken to a different section for finishing before they are ferried to the shops.Finishing involves adding patterns if need,sewing the edges,cutting longerfibers and many other things.